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The Barnes & Noble is a US national Home goods company located in Allen Park, Michigan. To figure out why customers choose Barnes & Noble and to assess the reputation of the company, check the latest reviews on this page. Also, you can add your own review with the latest experience of cooperation with this company.

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  • 1
    Caleb Gorelick
    Posted Jul, 14 2019
    Quite literally the worst customer experience I've ever had in my life. I went here today for my birthday, instead of any number of regular birthday things people might do. I had planned to spend an absurd amount of money on books to treat myself. As a result, I brought a reusable shopping bag to fill with as many books as I could carry. While wandering around the store I noticed their associate Sarah following me. More power to her, I have a medical condition called alopecia where I am bald in an unusual way and I'm used to looks and judgment. What I am not used to is collecting a bunch of books I plan to buy and having an associate (again, her name is Sarah. Bright purple hair) aggressively approachs my girlfriend and I, and and yells in front of every other customer, "you're planning on paying for those, RIGHT?" so I responded "Yes.. I am, this is a shopping bag for shopping" and she spews forth something about B&N having a policy where you must use their tiny baskets "because we carry DVDs and stuff." Which there is no way to be aware of, since there's no sign or anything. Regardless, the right way to inform a customer of a policy is not one which leaves them feeling harassed and dirty.

    This uncalled for, overly aggressive response to an imagined issue isn't even slightly okay. My girlfriend actually burst into tears at this baseless accusation, though she disguised it admirably.

    Completely aside from the fact that I was not stealing, aside from the fact that this policy is posted literally nowhere, aside from the obvious judgment being passed based on my medical condition, on what planet, in which universe, is it EVER acceptable to yell at a customer, or even an actual shoplifter, "you're planning on paying for that, RIGHT?" If that policy is in fact a thing, then would the right response not be "hey I'm sorry but we prefer customers use these baskets rather than a personal bag" or something along those lines?

    Thank you for the fantastic customer service, Sarah. I'm making sure that absolutely everyone knows how much I felt my custom was valued. I'd give less stars if I could. For the last chain book store left in this country, they clearly don't focus enough on customer service training. If at all.
  • 5
    Rockey Miyazaki
    Posted Jul, 07 2019
    Very clean and well organized. Polite and informative staff. My only complaint is with the Starbucks within the building. However, being that Starbucks is a separate entity, it won't reflect in my rating.
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